Welcome to Make-up Video

If you are too messy with a Lipstick, too liberal with your Eyeshadow or you just want to learn how to look like a funny blue thing from Avatar then you are in the right place.   For many; using make-up can be a daunting prospect, if any of the following applies to you then worry no more:

  • Not sure what colours to use and where?
  • Lack the confidence to apply make-up correctly?
  • Not sure what brush to use and how?
  • You’re not really sure what the different types of make-up are for?

With the make-up tutorials provided here those days can become a thing of the past and more and more of us women can show their true Beauty to the world.  Now no one will have an excuse for not looking Beautiful.  Also a few of these make-up videos have been selected as they provide some good reviews on the different types of make-up and the various make-up brands.

My aim with this blog is simple; provide good quality videos straight from Youtube that are both educational and informative in the application and use of make-up.  I hope to provide enough videos for anyone to be able to create any look using the correct tools for the job and also more importantly the correct techniques.  Quite a few of these tutorials were created to show you how to apply your make-up to look like a specific celebrity, fancy looking like Lady Gaga or maybe Angelina Jolie?

Now stop reading this and go

Watch – Learn – Create